Joining Curtin Flying Club is easy, but there are a few things to consider:

We are a club committed to making flying fun and affordable. We are not an aircraft hire company! As such, we expect members to look after equipment (you are now part-owner of each aircraft), and be considerate towards other members.

That means thorough inspection of aircraft before you fly, and reporting any problems that may affect the safety or comfort of future flights. It also includes removing all rubbish and ensuring the aircraft is covered and tied down after each flight. Don’t forget the pitot tube cover!

Looking after your aircraft is vital to us keeping costs down.

All new members are vetted to ensure they are current and have the necessary experience.

Members wishing to fly KXW are required to attend a club run Garmin G1000 course and a one hour consolidation flight in KXW.

We encourage members to use our aircraft for training purposes (excluding ab initio), so if you have an instructor (or are looking for one) and wish to step into a modern NVFR and IFR aircraft with G1000 and clean performance, we can assist with most requests.

How to apply


Membership Tier Silver Gold
Annual Fee $175 $375
KXW Per Hour (G1000, Cessna 172 SP Skyhawk) $315 $305
ARQ Per Hour (G1000 Nxi TECNAM 2010) $350 $340

What do the tiers mean?

If you think you will only the clubs aircraft for less than 20 hours per year then silver is for you.  If you plan on undertaking training or flying away to far off destinations then gold is for you.

Please complete CFC application Form CFC application Form  or the Social Members Application Form and email it to

Membership fees can be paid via the app once approval of your application is given.

Please note all applications are approved by the club secretary within a few days in most instances.  If you have any queries regarding membership, please contact the CFC Secretary or one of our other Executive Committee members.

To speed up the application process, check if you can answer yes to the questions below:

1. Does applicant have a valid pilots license RPL or above?

2. Does applicant have valid medical?

3. Does applicant have 75 hours total time on any aircraft? (Insurance requirement)

4. Does applicant have 25 hours on type (C172)? (Insurance requirement)

5. Does applicant have 10 hours in command of a C172? (Club requirement)

6. Does applicant have recent 172 experience? (Last flight within previous 12 weeks)

7. Does applicant need a check ride? (If question 6 is no)

8. Does applicant have G1000 experience?

9. Has applicant had an accident claim in the last 5 years.

All new members will be given a brief introduction to the club, aircraft and booking system at Jandakot Airport.

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